Youtube Celebrity – Michelle Phan


Who doesn’t know Michelle Phan ? Almost every make up lovers know her ! Michelle Phan is an american make up artist and also an entrepreneur. She is definitely a Youtube celebrity that is famous with her make up tutorial video. At the beginning she didn’t get approval from her mother of her interest in make up. Later she reassure her mother and attended classes at Ringling College of Arts Design and Massachusetts College of Arts and Design.

Phan’s make up video is equipped with some special effects a voice-over narration that is uncommon for the time but it brings her to popularity. Her video make-up instructional of “ Lady Gaga ‘ Poker Face’ tutorial brings her to over a million subscribers. Moreover as Phan always profiling some beauty products, she is chosen to be official Lancome video make-up artist ! In one of her videos with Lancome, she met her fans at Sephora and teach people how to use make up from Lancome.

Youtube is definitely support her popularity in spreading her make up videos. Phans has 4,918,361 subscribers with about 274 instructional make up videos. She has different creative themes for every videos such as Fairy Barbie Princess make up, airplane beauty tips, seductive vampire, romantic look, Snow White and many more. Through Youtube, people can share her videos into other social media such as Facebook and blogs. The spreading could be also through word-of-mouth that make people curios and look at her videos.

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.09.50 PM

The other good thing is that Phan has her own blog with some headings on her blog such as beauty, style, tutorials and lifestyle. The blog enable us to directly click her instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube as well. It really eases people to connect with different types of social media. In the home page we can see the latest videos about ‘The Best Glasses for Your Face Shape’, ‘How to Take a Perfect Selfie’ and many more. Also we can see some beauty tips and beauty discussion. Furthermore for Phan’s lover, you can see her activities under ‘ my world’ in her blog.

So are you willing to make a creative movement like Michelle Phan ? 🙂


6 responses to “Youtube Celebrity – Michelle Phan

  1. I’ve never heard of Michelle Phan… will have to go check out her youtube thanks for the heads up!!

    • Hi Bronte , you’re most welcome ! 🙂 You should check her videos and I’m pretty sure you’ll get some great make up ideas for different occasions.

  2. i really love michelle! she really help me how to put make up on my face in a detail make up tutorial. she really inspires and teach me how to put a proper make up like a pro 😀

    • So agree ! if you are a beginner, you can put simple make up just like in her tutorial. When you become a pro and expert in make up, you can try different types of make up for different occasion by watching her videos. It’s really inspire you 🙂

  3. i really like her youtube videos! i’m amazed how she started the makeup tutorial as a beginner ,recording the video in her room, then from that she becomes more popular, creating lots of interesting and creative make up tutorial, and now she has her own makeup brand 😮 really inspiring..

    • Thats true ! Through her creativity she can make her own brand and become the famous video make up celebrity in Youtube ! Her hard work should be paid by the result what she got !

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